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Energy Management Surveys

We can arrange Energy Management surveys depending on what you feel you want or need to do to make your operation more efficient or cost-effective.

Yes, you can cover your roof in PV (See me!) and generate your own electricity, but unless you are willing to invest in new battery technology, think about when you use most of your electricity. Is it for lighting? When do you need lighting? Am I generating electricity when I need to use it? Be aware that there is no longer a Government feed-in-tariff to pay you for generating.

Can I have a wind-turbine?

Ask your local authority about planning permission and then talk to me.

I hear a lot about generating your own electricity and heat from biomass, how do I do that?

It must work, because the biggest power station in the UK at Drax now has a station running exclusively on biomass and I have seen many biomass boilers on my tours round Scotland and yes we can do the surveys and get you the feasibility report/s, but you may need land to do it on and the bigger the scale, the more efficient.

How Can We Help?

Scale is not important to us, what is important is customer satisfaction in a job well done at the right price. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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