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Reducing your Energy Bills

Why are my bills so big?

We all hate estimated bills, all larger sites now have to have either a “half-hourly” meter or a “Smart meter”, both of which take readings every half-an-hour, so no more estimations, in 95% of cases.

So why, asked a chain of restaurants, is our new site which is half the size of our flagship, using twice as much electricity.

I spoke to the General Manager and he went through all his working practices, I went through the restaurant itemising every appliance I had on my list for the kitchen and the restaurant itself. I was mystified.

So I travelled down to meet the Operations Director and have a look in person.

As I neared the site, close to Regent Street, I could see immediately a line of 3-kiloWatt patio heaters attached to every upright outside the restaurant and along the wall too. These had been added later and weren’t on the specs and no-one thought that running 15 x 3-kilowatt heaters from 009:00 to midnight would affect the running costs of the restaurant!

How Can We Help?

Scale is not important to us, what is important is customer satisfaction in a job well done at the right price. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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