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Why should I use a Consultant or a Broker?

Why indeed? You are obviously a smart person or you wouldn’t be running a business, but isn’t that what you do with your time? What if all of your customers asked why they need your business? Then you’ve answered the question yourself.


Let me give you a couple of examples where consulting would have saved much heartache and expense.

A certain restaurant chain with a big site at St. Pauls/ New Change wanted to open a site near Newark tube station. There would be much construction work involved and I went to see the site before any works had commenced. It was going to be their flagship with 130+ covers.

Had they intimated to me that they were considering the site, I could have given them the bad news before they were committed, but some people are impulsive.

The design as it stood needed a guaranteed demand in excess of 170kVa and a large gas supply. On checking it out, all that was available from the existing substation was 35kVa and there was no gas connection, it having been disconnected in the street years previously.

The Local Area Network insisted that no further power was available and that the restaurant would have to have its own new substation inside the building with a big new HV cable being brought in from several streets away. The cost of this would be £150,000.00.

This was completely unacceptable to the restaurateurs and they were despairing as they had signed the lease months ago.

We got an alternative quote from another company at a cost of £98,000.00 A saving of £52,000.00! Not bad for starters?

Still this was too much expense before the restaurant even got its first table, so back to the drawing board. We suggested that they convert all of their cooking appliances to gas and also the air-conditioning and this was planned accordingly, but we still had nowhere near enough supply availability and no gas either. 

The gas supply apart from the cost, would have meant getting way-leaves from the Council and it was just before the Olympic Games, so there was a moratorium; however, I had noticed there were lines on the road indicating that Transco were intending some works and on investigation we found that they were laying a new main down said street and putting a supply of the size we needed into the building could be done at the same time for very little expense!

Back to the electricity… after much negotiating with the head office of the local network, we turned to the engineering department and I had several meetings and hours on the phone.

Eventually they found another substation under ground across the road from the site, which could give us as much again as the existing supply. Whilst not satisfactory, it was the best we were going to get and the restaurant was downsized to what it is now.

How Can We Help?

Scale is not important to us, what is important is customer satisfaction in a job well done at the right price. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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